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Search Engine Optimization:
With greater than 10 years of Web development experience and over 5 years as Web Site Coordinator of a Fortune 500 company, I have a wealth of search engine optimization experience to offer your company!

How do you get to the top of the Google search results? By using rich content and proper SEO techniques... plus a boat-load of new social media marketing! The requirements needed to reach the top of the Google search engine results are in an ever-changing state of flux! The knowledge requirements to stay on top are ever-moving, ever-growing. I keep on top of emerging industry standards and opportunities by attending several annual SEO and eCommerce conferences, reading about a dozen trade journals and working on dozens of Web sites every year. Allow me to put that knowledge to work to reach your company's eCommerce goals.

Google AdWords
Even if you 'own' the top Google search results for your specific keywords, 'owning the real estate' gives your company greater perceived power, prestige and provides additional opportunities for success. Google AdWords should be viewed as an 'investment' not just an expense. AdWords drives highly-targeted visitors right to the very information you wish to show them, taking them the next step down your sales funnel and one step closer to closing the sale! OK, you're ready to get started with Google AdWords, but you don't know where to start or just don't have the available time? Allow me and my Google AdWord certified partners to work our magic on your Google ad campaigns!

Google Analytics
How do you tell if your online marketing campaigns are meeting the goals you have established for them? You need to shed the light on what your website visitors are doing via Web analytics. Some web analytics cost $1,000's of dollar a year, Google Analytics is free. Don't know where to begin with the whole Google Analytics set-up process? I can get you set up tonight and you'll be collecting data before morning.

Blast Email Marketing
We have the experience required to implement a successful blast email program for your business. First, we create an appealing, customized email template that highlights your business. Next, working together with you and/or your marketing team, we craft your email message using hard-learned Fortune 500 based techniques. Then your blast email is mailed out to your proprietary mail list. Finally, you will be supplied with your campaign's email statistics, such as open rates, forward to a friend, click-throughs to your Web site, etc.

If you like the idea of starting a mass email marketing campaign (blast emails), but haven't begun capturing the email addresses of the visitors to your Web site, we can assist you there also. We can provide you with our proprietary email sign-up software that will enable your visitors to opt-in to (and opt-out) of your blast email list.

Inexpensive Web Hosting
Since 1998, I have hosted many customer (and several personal) Web sites, using a variety of Web hosting companies. I've worked with a few really good hosting companies, and I've worked with a few I would have preferred not to. In 2001, I experienced a host that lost a server, and then they learned their back-up tapes didn't work. Fortunately, I had my own backup plans in order and was able to rebuild about a dozen sites in short order!

After a seven-year run with another large Web hosting company, in January 2009 I made my exodus when I personally began to experience the effects of their recent merger's cost-cutting operations.

After ten years in the Web development business, following a great deal of research into various Web hosting opportunities, including hosting my own server at a local ISP, I have taken the next logical step into the Web hosting business. Rather risking the possibility of down-time due to sever exploits on a locally-hosted server, I have purchased a large block of server space on a high-bandwith, Intel Quad Core-driven (fast!) Web server and am offering Web hosting packages supported by one of the world's most successful hosting companies.

I am currently working on defining the various Web hosting packages I will be offering; disk space, monthly bandwidth, number of domains that can be hosted, number of email accounts, etc. I should have these worked-out soon.

Web Hosting Packages
Each of our Web hosting packages currently being offered are run on secure Linux-based servers and include all of the functionality offered by the latest and greatest cPanel interface, including: MySQL database, phpMyAdmin, WordPress, Fantastico, osCommerce, PHP Support Tickets, password-protected directories, HotLink protection, Spam Assassin, video tutorials, and more! Experience the very same powerful cPanel interface that comes with every one of our hosting packages with this cPanel demo.

Let's get started!
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